Our Environmental Policy

Box Wise continues to improve its knowledge and commitment to the good of our environment. Our recycled paper is of the standard you would expect from an experienced and proven company.

As a company, we take the environment seriously: the amount of waste we throw away keeps increasing. The government wants to break the link between economic growth and increasing waste. For packaging this has already happened as the number of packaged goods placed on the market is increasing, however, the tonnage of used packaging is decreasing.


From a consumer perspective, there is a need to ensure food and drink is fresh, wholesome and free from contamination and that other goods are blemish-free and in perfect working order. Consumers also want packaging to be easy to open and easy to recycle.

Box Wise is committed to managing and continually improving the impact of its operations upon the environment.

What we do that's so important

  • Actively seek and exploit technological developments in packaging materials and design that will reduce the environmental impacts of such materials.
  • Comply with, and where possible exceed the requirements of all environmental legislation.
  • Seek to reduce waste wherever it occurs.
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent pollution by seeking ways to reduce consumption and air emissions.
  • Regularly audit activities and monitor environmental performance to demonstrate compliance with our policy.
  • Provide training and information to all employees to encourage effective contribution to our environmental goals.